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Cabal Vale Logo Cabal Vale Card is an efficient tool to pay benefits to the employees of companies, exclusively in electronic form.
Supported by PAT - Programa de Alimentação do Trabalhador (Worker’s Food Program), the Cabal Vale Card ensures to the company complete control over benefits granted and the certainty that the resources will be used in a correct way by the employees.

Also, HR is exempted from handling and distributing benefit ticket in paper, gaining speed and reducing operational costs.

The employee, on his turn, feels safer, as his name and the company’s name comes imprinted on the Card, and at the payment moment, it is necessary to use the personal password. It is also very practical, as it eliminates the need for establishments to issue credit coupons.

Granting of benefits supported by PAT results in improvement of the employee’s nutritional quality, and so it can generate increase of efficiency, an important factor for the granting company.

It is worth remembering that there is no incurring of taxes over the amount of the benefit granted, and the company declaring income tax by real profit, once registered on PAT, can get benefits from tax incentives.

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